1910: William Hornaday unsuccessfully petitions Congress for a bison reserve in Montana.

1937: Olaus Murie recommends bison reintroduction to Fort Peck Wildlife Refuge (now the CMR National Wildlife Refuge).

2001: Fauna West report to Fish, Wildlife & Parks recommends CMR introduction sites.

2006: In quarantine research plan, FWP refers to relocating bison to “suitable public lands in Montana”.

2009: FWP Director predicts state bison plan within “couple of years”.

2011: FWP Commission endorses study of bison restoration.

2011: FWP publishes only 100 copies of background study.

2011: Refuge plan supports bison restoration on CMR by Montana.

2012: FWP holds 8 scoping meetings around Montana.

2012: FWP retains rights, for 5 years, to use research-quarantine bison for conservation purposes (see 2017 below).

2013-14: FWP appoints discussion group for bison plan. Four more public meetings held.

2014: FWP offers a Framework bison management plan. Four alternatives were for herds of 50, 100, 200-400, or 1000 bison. These specific options were abandoned in the 2015 environmental statement.

2015: Draft environmental statement for bison plan does not include a time or place for restoration. Alternatives are based on major land ownerships within any restoration area. Possible herd sizes are small (at least 40) or large (400 or more). Public comments due in September.

2017: FWP rights to obtain research-quarantine bison for conservation purposes expire unused.

2017: FWP says “we are working on” a decision from the 2015 environmental statement. No analysis of public comments is available.

2018: FWP directors says: “We are still working on it”.

2020: FWP releases Decision on 2015 EIS, requests public to submit proposals on where, when and how to restore public, wild bison to Montana.


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